Health & Safety Audits

Iberic Oil believes that protecting human resources is a key component in managing our business. This philosophy is embodied in the corporate policy on health & safety.

Our audit program is based on the corporate policy and management system; and it is built around Iberic Oil’s values and beliefs which support our business strategies. In addition, the audit program provides direction for achieving compliance with Iberic Oil's management systems.

It is Iberic Oil’s intent to conduct audits in a climate of mutual trust and respect, and in a way that fosters teamwork and ongoing improvement, and verifies that corporate policies are implemented.

The term “audit “ refers to a systematic, documented process to objectively collect and evaluate information in order to verify a site’s Health & Safety performance.

Iberic Oil audit programs are designed to help ensure that risks at our operating units are reasonably minimized, liabilities are appropriately controlled, compliance with applicable regulations is achieved, and management systems are in place and functioning.

The audit process will verify the existence of Health & Safety management systems through field observations,document reviews, employee interviews, workplace inspections and verification testing to ensure that safe working conditions and management systems are in place and functioning as intended.