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Cost Savings Calculator

Calculate what going to get your own fuel is actually costing you.

Enter your values into the calculator to see how much it actually costs you to have your driver fill up the truck.

Driver only
Wage and Benefits

Truck ( If Applicable )
Lost Time And Hourly Value

Time Lost Fueling ( Down Time )
Off Route And Paperwork Time Included

Average Fill Up
Straight Truck 75 Note: these values are provided as typical amounts.
Tractor 200
Total Cost Of Down Time Fueling ¢ per L (A)
Today's Price With Your
Present Supplier

Cardlock Or Retail

$ per L (B)
Your Current Price Without
On-Site Fuel Delivery

With Company Driver Labour Cost Factored In, This Is What You Are Paying For Fuel Today.
$ per L (A + B)
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